Tijaran Tales Book I - White Child

Print ISBN-13-9780993194221 e-Book ISBN-13-9780993194269


When 12 year old Julius McCoy is told that he has been selected to join the elite Zed Lunar Academy, he is over the moon...literally. It promises to be a year of neck-breaking races in The Hologram Palace, spaceship-pilot training and of course, developing his own very special mind-skills.

Yet even as he begins to get a grip on his fantastic abilities, strange things start to happen around him. Who are the three mysterious men hanging about in Satras, the moon capital - particularly their sinister leader in the red cap, who seems to know a lot more than he should about Julius?

And what of the growing threat of the evil Queen Salgoria, head of the technologically-gifted Arneshian outcasts, who are making ominous advances again?

It’s all a lot more than a young boy should be expected to deal with. Yet, little does Julius realise exactly how critical he will be to the fate of Zed, and ultimately, Earth itself. 

Tijaran Tales Book II - The Oracle of Life
Print ISBN-13-9780993194238 e-Book ISBN-13-9780993194276 


13 year old Julius McCoy is about to start his second year at Tijara Academy, in the Zed Lunar Perimeter. With the threat of the Arneshians averted for the moment, he can get on with the important part of his school life: developing his rare mind-skills.

Of course, what any student on Zed looks forward to most, is gaming in the Hologram Palace. But who is the mysterious lady hidden in one of the games? This encounter will set in motion an exciting and dangerous treasure hunt, that will give him a whole new perspective on the real history of Zed, and ultimately beyond, to a shocking truth that could jeopardise the safety of everyone he holds dear.

When an old enemy returns, it becomes clear that the Arneshians are back with a new plan for taking over Zed and seizing control of Earth. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, and he is drawn towards a climactic showdown, it will take all of Julius’s mind-skills as he is forced into a deadly final duel. 

Tijaran Tales Book III - The Nuarn Rift

Print ISBN-13-9780993194245 e-Book ISBN-13-9780993194283



Fourteen year old Julius McCoy is about to start his third year at the Zed Lunar Academy.

He's in for a major surprise too, as Earth's old enemies, the Arneshians, make a sudden reappearance, this time carrying a banner of peace and reconciliation.

But there's an even bigger shock in store for him, with a startling revelation much closer to home. 

Tijaran Tales Book IV - Tijara's Heart

Print ISBN-13-9780993194252 e-Book ISBN-13-9780993194290


Defeated by the technological superiority of the Arneshians, the Zed Academy is left to deal with a desolate planet Earth. In spite of their fears, they must abandon the safety of the Lunar Perimeter and venture out into the furthest reaches of space, in the biggest rescue mission ever attempted by mankind. 

Julius McCoy is desperate to find his own family and bring them back home, but the Curia, it seems, has other plans for him. If he refuses, he risks jeopardising Zed's one great hope of peace, and a possible victory over the Arneshians. But, if he accepts, he will lose everything he has, and become Tijara's ultimate sacrifice. 

Tijaran Tales Book V - The Guardian's Trail

Print ISBN-13-9781911143048 e-Book ISBN-13-9781911143055


Julius McCoy, White Child and hero of the Lunar Academy, has seen his dreams shattered. Stripped of his mind-skills and betrayed by his own blood, he is facing an ordinary life back on Earth. That is, until rumours of Tijara’s lost crystal begin to surface, sending Julius and his friends on a quest leading to the Guardian’s Trail and beyond, to the heart of the Arneshian Empire.

But something evil lies in wait for Julius, a terrifying shadow from the past that will change his life forever.

Tijaran Tales Book VI - The Girl From the Sky

Print ISBN-13-9781911143185 e-Book ISBN-13-9781911143192

For five years Julius McCoy has led the Zed army in its fight against Arnesh, surviving where friends have fallen. Now humanity has been called to make a terrible choice, one that could undo all that Tijara has stood for. 

With the weight of the decision hanging over his head, and still reeling from his greatest loss, Julius has to summon enough strength to overcome his strongest enemy yet, as his brother Michael steps up to be the new King of Arnesh.

The Dagger of Fire

Print ISBN-13-9781484890196

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Tiny Pride & Plenty Prejudice

Print ISBN-13-9780993194207 e-Book ISBN-13-9780993194214



Join Lady Heather Mouthful and Lady Isabella Pumpington, our 19th century heroines as they plough their way through society by way of unnatural acts, random shenanigans and very vexing encounters. After all not everyone can be proper as the eldest Miss Bennet.


Gender Identity & Sexuality in Fantasy and SF

Print ISBN-13-9781911143246 e-Book ISBN-13-9781911143253



“Gender identity and sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction” is the first Call for Papers of Academia Lunare, the non-fiction arm of Luna Press Publishing.

The papers explore how society, as reflected in real life, literature, movies, TV, games and cosplay, is currently dealing with gender identity and sexuality in speculative fiction, asking an important question: do we have a problem?

Featuring papers from Juliet E McKenna, Kim Lakin-Smith, Cheryl Morgan, A J Dalton, Jyrki Korpua, Hazel Butler, Lorianne Reuser, Anna Milon, Rostislav Kůrka and Alina Hadîmbu.


Nominated for the BSFA Awards 2018 and Winner of the BFA Awards 2018.


The Evolution of African Fantasy and SF

Print ISBN-13-9781911143512 e-Book ISBN-13-9781911143529


Nominated for the BSFA Awards 2019 and Shortlisted for the BFA Awards 2018.

“The Evolution of African Fantasy and Science Fiction” is the second Call for Papers of Academia Lunare, the non-fiction arm of Luna Press Publishing.

These papers explore the theme through the emergence of African SFF, the forces shaping its development down the ages, and the dangers of expectations. We also examine its effect on literature and portrayals in popular entertainment.

Featuring papers from Peter J. Maurits, Nick Wood, Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso, Polina Levontin and Robert S. Malan.


A Shadow Within: Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Print ISBN-13-9781911143918 e-Book ISBN-13-9781911143925


Nominated for the BSFA Awards 2020

A Shadow Within: Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction is the third Call for Papers of Academia Lunare, the non-fiction arm of Luna Press Publishing.

The papers focus on the theme of Evil, a constant in human history, one that shifts with every passing decade. Evil isn’t a static presence confined to any one given time, but rather something that evolves under the influence of the author’s own experience, society, the technology of the period, and even their understanding of humanity.

Featuring papers from Teika Bellamy, Step P. Bianchini, Octavia Cade, Alice Capstick, A J Dalton, Sharon Day, Tatiana Fajardo, Sean Z Fitzgerald, Jason Gould, Lucinda Holdsworth, Anna Köhler, Jyrki Korpua, Rostislav Kůrka, Kim Lakin-Smith, Robert S Malan, Anna Milon, Thomas Moules, Katarina O’Dette, Charul Palmer-Patel, Matthew J. Elder, Dominic Riemenschneider and Barbara Stevenson.

Ties that Bind: Love in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Print ISBN-13-9781913387143 e-Book ISBN-13-9781913387150


Ties That Bind: Love in Fantasy and Science Fiction is the fourth Call for Papers of Academia Lunare, the non-fiction arm of Luna Press Publishing.

The papers focus on the theme of love and relationships in fantasy and science fiction, in all their forms, in different media.


Featuring papers from Josephine Maria Yanasak- Leszczynski, Cheryl Wollner, Cheryl Morgan, AJ Dalton, Tatiana Fajardo, Christina Lake, Lynn O’Connacht, Steph P. Bianchini, Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso, Barbara Stevenson, Dr. Ester Torredelforth.


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