Tijaran Tales Series - Book I to VI


Tiny Pride & Plenty Prejudice, with A. Burns




Gender Identity and Sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction, 2017. Winner of the British Fantasy Awards for Best Non-Fiction, 2017.


The Evolution of African Fantasy and Science Fiction, 2018. Shortlisted for the British Fantasy Awards for Best Non-Fiction, 2018.

A Shadow Within: Evil in Fantasy and Science Fiction, 2019. Longlisted for the British Science Fiction Awards 2020.

Ties that Bind: Love in Fantasy and Science Fiction, 2020.


Children of Mu: The Calling by Daniele Azara, 2019

Sons of Storm by Francesca Noto, 2020


I always enjoyed writing and reading stories, all the way back to my childhood, in Rome. When I moved to Edinburgh in 1998, this passion was still very much there.


Inspired by the streets and cafes of Edinburgh, and the creativity that fills its many corners, I decided to focus my energies on turning my passion into something tangible.


I finished writing my first book in 2011. "Tijaran Tales - White Child" was the beginning of both a new YA SF series and my writing career. By nature, I am proactive and keen to get things going so, after seeking professional editing help, I decided to self-publish. The first two books of the series were brought out in this way, giving me the chance to learn the ropes, ups and down, and tips and tricks for self-publishing, a learning process which continues to this day.

A couple of years later, after a cover makeover for my series, I received a contract from the Canadian publishers, Oloris, who re-published the first two books and the following two.

By that stage, my learning curve through self-publishing, my unrequited love for speculative fiction and non-fiction, and my natural predisposition for making things happen showed me the path I believe I was meant to take all along, and in 2015 Luna Press Publishing officially began.​


I poured all of my knowledge and first-hand experience of publishing into this project, starting an independent press from the ground up - one that is growing stronger with each passing day. It's a lot of work, but it's a labour of love - I have happily chosen this path. I may have started as a one-woman band, but I am not alone now. I have an amazing team of professional editors and artists to support Luna and our authors, plus many fantastic colleagues, writers and fans we meet at conventions. 

As for FT Barbini or, lately, Francesca T Barbini, I have this separate author page and a Twitter feed (@FTBarbini). My blog is on the Luna Website - you'll all agree that time is a precious commodity and it makes sense to focus my free time on my own writing, rather than keeping two blogs.


By the time Oloris closed down, I had already decided to "bring the boys back home", as it were, and re-publish the full series under the Luna banner. With the business taking precedence, it makes sense to have this control over my own books. So, when you see my books in the Luna store, you'll know why. I am a self-published author, in that sense.


I am still writing, and happily so, even if time is less than it used to be. I always wanted to create one universe and keep populating its timeline. Tijaran Tales was only the beginning. You can check the current status here.

Looking back now, I still can't quite believe how much has happened or how much lies ahead on the horizon. I thank you all for believing in my stories. For my part, I will always give my all.




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